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Contact Information

picture of counselor at Coronado High School

School Counselor

Monica Cruz

(626) 931-1810 x.3814


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Counselor's Corner

Graduation Requirements

Course Term Credits
English:       4 years  40
American Government: 1 semester   5
Economics: 1 semester   5
U.S. History: 1 year 10
World History/Cultures: 1 year 10
Computer Literacy: 1 semester 5


2 years 20

Must complete 10 credits of Algebra I or above

Health: 1 semester 5
Science:  2 years  20
           10 credits in a Life Science    
           10 credits in a Physical Science    
Physical Education: 2 years 20
Fine Arts/Foreign Language: 1 year 10
Electives   70
Graduation Requirements:    220 Credits

Welcome Message

Hello students and families,


As your counselor, I would like to welcome everyone to a promising great year.  One of our schools mission goals is to ensure that we provide all students with the opportunities for successful learning experiences. As a Coronado student, it is important that you become well aware of what your part is in this process. This year, we are asking all students to download and maintain a student portfolio where you will be able to keep track of your credits and credit goals.  


It is mandatory to use the student portfolio during your stay at Coronado High School.  In this portfolio, you will actively monitor your goals and credits on a monthly and quarterly basis.  You will also have several templates available to use when working on your career projects.  Please make sure to actively use this and become familiar with it.  


Again, I look forward to working with you and I'm excited for the many prospects awaiting you this coming year.



Ms. Cruz


Please click on the pic/logo and save to your account. 

Link to student portfolio on google drive

Attention: Juniors and Seniors

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