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Football Season Results, Fall 2017

Coronado vs. Fairvalley; loss, 18 to 24.

Coronado vs. Mt. Olive; win, 34 to 0.

Coronado vs. Century; win, 24 to 6.

Coronado vs. Doug Sears Learning Center; win, 24 to 12.

Football Team Members

Football Game Time!

San Gabriel Valley Continuation League

Coronado High School Athletic Schedule 2017-2018




September-October Football Mr. Thomas
November-December Basketball Mr. Thomas
December-February Softball Mr. Thomas & Mr. Querin 
February-March Soccer Mr. Thomas & Mr. Querin


Softball Season Begins!

Softball season began in December, 2017 and will continue through February, 2018. Weekly practice is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2-3:30pm.  Coach Thomas and his players and team managers are looking forward to continuing the dominance that Coronado has had over the rest of the competition! Stay tuned for updates from Coach Thomas and his formidable Coronado players.  Go COUGARS!

Softball Practice...Go team!

Softball Tounament Schedule

Mr. Thomas and his team will have 3 games lined up for February...Feb 1st, Feb 8th, and Feb 15th.  We wish them continued success and dominance.  Go COUGARS!

Coach Thomas and His Team!

After School Softball Practice Schedule with Coach Thomas and Coach Querin

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Querin meet up with players and team members at 2:00 pm out on the south field.  You can earn PE or elective credits and join in on a team-building experience!  Our team has done exceptionally well in the years past under the tutelage of Coach Thomas and Coach Barriga.  We truly appreciate all of their hard work throughout the years to make our team second to none in the San Gabriel Valley Continuation League.  We are proud of you, Cougars!  Go TEAM!

Mr. Irvin Thomas is Coronado's First Semester sports coach.  Beginning with Football season, there is an excitement and anticipation of another award-winning season under the tutelage of Coach Thomas.  He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois many years ago.  Athletics came easy to Mr. Thomas and he still visits the gym, oftentimes twice a day, and his preferred sports are Basketball and Track & Field.  Mr. Thomas was an all-American in college specializing in the 100 and 400 meter hurdles.  Mr. Thomas attended the University of Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology.  He LOVES working with inspired youth.

We thank him for being such an integral part of our students' and staff's lives.

After School Practice