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Prerequisites for NatureBridge Camping Trip, March 2018

At Coronado, we stress the need to be physically and emotionally prepared for all of our study trips and hikes.  In order to prepare for our challenging, 3 day camping trip to the Santa Monica Mountains in March, 2018, our students will need to be able to complete a 7 mile hike and be aware of the plants and animals, including bees, wasps, rattlesnakes, poison oak and sumac, etc.  It takes a special person to agree to spend time in the wild and we want our students to practice some outdoor skills.  Six conditioning hikes will be offered throughout the calendar year before our annual NatureBridge camping trip in March of 2018! (March 21-23) 

The more time on the trail, the better experience you will have at NatureBridge!


Galster Park Conditioning Hike and Community Service, September 29, 2017

Galster Park Hike, September 29, 2017

On Friday, September 29, 2017, over 30 Coronado High School students along with several teachers and chaperones hiked to our local Galster Park to enjoy a little cardio exercise, wildlife viewing, and trash pickup.  Even though it was an early fall day, we could enjoy the leaves changing color, a little trickle in a small stream, and great views from the top of a challenging hill.  We are planning to enjoy more local parks and trash pickup opportunities to enjoy the comraderie and community feel of our students and staff.  Future monthly hikes will be held on Saturdays.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Happy Trails!

Nature Bridge 3-Day Camping Trip: April 5- April 7, 2017

Nature Bridge 3-day Camping Trip

On April 5-7, 2017, 18 Coronado High School students, 2 teachers, and one adult chaperone attended a 3-day camping trip to the Santa Monica Mountains at Camp Shalom, through the outdoor educational corporation, NatureBridge.  We enjoyed fresh air, an evening hike, mountain vistas, waterfalls, a California newt, a labyrinth, wildflowers in a "super bloom" year, and many team-building activities.  The meals were hearty and the recreational facilities were nice.  The student teams built an "egg tower" and investigated pond water and vegetation variables in a Mediterranean climate.  It will be a most memorable trip for years to come.  Thanks to everyone whom made this trip a reality!

link to Nature Bridge website

Click above to watch a video about the importance of bringing diverse students to parks.

Cultural Connections Program

What is the Cultural Connections Program?

Coronado Cultural Connections Program is a series of study trips to various college/trade schools, job fairs, museums, cultural events, volunteering opportunities and local hiking and camping events. We welcome all Coronado students to participate and explore other cultural experiences outside of the classroom.

Galster Park Community Service Hike and Cleanup, January 2018

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, 3 Coronado High School students along with 3 staff members and 1 parent, attended this event for a fun-filled morning enjoying the brisk morning air and flora and fauna of the rolling hills east of CHS.  We spent most of the time picking up trash in and around our beloved local gem of a park.  We look forward to the next excursion...Happy Trails!

Galster Park Community Service Hike, December 16, 2017

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, 7 participants from Coronado High School met up and hiked from the school site with trash bags and gloves in hand to earn some community service hours while picking up trash at our local Galster Park.  It was a cool autumn morning and the group was eager and willing to make a small dent in the M.O.O.P. (Matter Out of Place) that we came across on our 0.7 mile trek to the park.  We saw many plant species such as Black Walnut trees, Tumbleweed bushes, Toyon Berry bushes, California Pepper trees, Canary Island Pine trees, and California Live Oak trees.  We concluded that Galster Park is a small gem of a park and used for family picnics, nature lovers, and hiking enthusiasts.  It is also super dog-friendly as seen in many of these photographs.


Event Month
Galster Park Hike, West Covina September 29, 2017
Three Oaks Bridle Trail, Walnut October 21, 2017
Schabarum Park, Rowland Heights November 18, 2017
Galster Park Hike, West Covina December 16, 2017
Galster Park Hike, West Covina January 20, 2018
Three Oaks Bridle Trail, Walnut February 24, 2018
NatureBridge Camping, Santa Monica Mountains March 21-23, 2018
Schabarum Park, Rowland Heights April 21, 2018
Galster Park Hike, West Covina May 12, 2018


Click on link about Schabarum Park

link to enviromental education exchange website

Why Nature is so Important?

click on link for Shelton Johnson s interview

Click on to see Shelton Johnson's interview

3-Oaks Bridle Trail in Walnut

3-Oaks Conditioning Hike; October 21, 2017

On Saturday, October 21st, we had our first Conditioning Hike to Three Oaks Bridle Trail in Walnut.  We had 5 Coronado seniors, along with a parent and a friend, a younger sibling. and 2 staff members attended.  We hiked 3.5 miles with an elevation gain of 600 feet.  

   Why this particular trail?  Well, it is within 6 miles from Coronado High School and it has great views of Mt. Sac to the East and Mt. Baldy to the North. Also, it is a bridle trail which means it is horse and dog-friendly and very well-maintained.  In addition, it is near to          

    Mt. Sac which is one of Coronado's feeder community colleges!  

So, each month, we will meet with students and family members on Saturday mornings, to experience the many local urban trails.  

Views from Schabarum Park, November 18, 2017

Schabarum Park Conditioning Hike, November 18, 2017

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, 5 students and 3 teachers enjoyed a fun-filled day to one of San Gabriel Valley's most picturesque urban trails.  We covered slightly over 7 miles in which our students earned community service hours by picking up trash along such a popular trail. We hiked alongside an equestrian center and had a trail lunch under a grove of Eucalyptus Tress, spotted soaring ravens, identified many native plants, such as Black Walnut Trees, Toyon Berry Bushes, Wild Mustard, Cow Thistle, Tumbleweed, Anise (smells like licorice) and a variety of sages. We talked about Henry David Thoreau, who wrote, "Walden", and his influence and impact on modern conservation and how we deal with current environmental issues.  We had a great time and enjoyed sharing ideas with such a pleasant group! 

An interesting note about the Schabarum Park Trails..."The Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail runs along this section of the park continuing to the east to the city of Nogales, Arizona, and to the west to the San Francisco Bay Area. If you drive along highway 101, you can see the historic trail signs northbound to the Bay Area.  In the spring of 1775, 240 men, women, and children were led by Spanish explorer, Juan Bautista De Anza through southern Arizona and Southern California, through what is now Schabarum Park, and successfully arrived to establish a settlement in the San Francisco Bay Area in March of 1776.  It was an 1880 mile journey."

Thanks to all who made this a memorable day!

Happy Trails

Nature Bridge 3-day Camping Trip, 2016